Augusta Smarr (Sweet), Licensed Esthetician / Certified Acne Specialist & Advanced Age Management Specialist

.With a naturally born inquisitiveness, educational emphasis on skin health and an attraction to the healing arts and sciences from an early age, Augusta brings a unique, intuitive and highly sought after approach in her work as a Licensed Esthetician and Corrective Skin Care professional. She's earned a reputation for a gifted, relaxing and present touch and a free spirited, personable way of making clients feel great and their skin looking exceptional. 

A holistically minded Esthetician as well as a Certified Acne Specialist, Augusta's distinctive approach extends far into the connection between mind, body, spirit as one intricate design. This 'Whole'istic approach is what has propelled her reputation as a trusted, coveted skin therapist and helps her provide optimal results for each client.

When not with clients, she is continuing her education into new modalities and techniques into holistic health and esthetics, enjoying all that the Los Angeles area has to offer in the way of art, music, and food, exploring nature, gardening, cooking and traveling. 

An inviting Skin Care Suite with a Bohemian Vibe.


Invoking the elements of Nature is at the forefront of the design within Sacred Skincareapy. Owner and founder, Augusta Sweet wanted to provide a calm and serene environment that did not reflect a clinical or stark feel. 

"I love nature and being outdoors as much as I love being in my space and providing exceptional results for my clients skin. Being in an urban area of Los Angeles it isn't so easy finding time to escape to the desert or to the mountains so I wanted to bring that into my business as nature is good for the soul."

Desert plants, rustic wood, water, earthy colors and natural light all invoke a sense of calm balance for mind, body and spirit, which express perfectly the non-invasive services available within. 




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